This section is an exploration of exponential functions, their uses and their mechanics.

By the end of this section students should be able to:
  • Know what it means to ‘grow exponentially’ and identify when things grow exponentially or not.
  • Calculate the ‘growth multiplier’ and use it to create a correct exponential growth formula.
  • Utilize an exponential growth formula to determine the result of exponential growth or decay after a given time period.
  • Understand the differences (and similarities) of exponential growth and decay; specifically to be able to explain the mathematical difference as well as the conceptual difference.
  • Solve for unknowns in exponents in an equality.
  • Know and utilize the properties of exponents to simplify or expand exponentials as necessary.
  • What are exponents?
  • How do we interpret negative exponents?
  • How do we interpret fractional exponents?
  • What kind of models use exponents?